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Nier and Drakengard Series

I've started playing Nier:Automata and I fell in love with the story. Afterwards the game's background got me interested and I decided to play Nier:Replicant as well and I enojoyed because of different reasons.

In general I found Nier and Drakengard's story and lore so interesting that I spent 6 hours watching The Complete, Unabridged Timeline of NieR (not in one sitting though).

What I Like About Nier:Automata Without Spoiling

  • I like experiencing "a version of the future" (the story takes place in 11945 AD)
  • The environment, atmosphere, and music creates and enjoyable experience.
  • The story itself uses a lot of philosophical concepts and dilemmas.
  • Like many other Japanese stories, the story create a "good" and "bad" side and then it makes you question which side is actually good and which side is actually bad.

From this point on, there will be spoilers.


Let's start with a YouTube video about the philosophical elements in the game:

  • The experience and city ruins and the amusement park specially when you enter these areas is on another level. I really enjoyed the atmosphere that was created by the music and the environment.
  • The part of the story where machine lifeforms start to develop consciousness and where Adam and Eve are born is very interesting.


I like the way Nier:Replicant mixes up "good and evil" and create an antagonist that I can totally understand and sympathize with.


Nier:Replicant and Nier:Automata have amazing soundtracks and I still regularly listen to them. This video is a good explanation of the soundtracks:

I've also enjoyed watching @JonathanBarouch's breakdown of the game's soundtracks. I've created a playlist of the videos:

I looked for the footages of live performances of the soundtrack that were used in the first video, and I've came across "Nier:Orchestra" which doesn't seem to have the vocals but it's still amazing, and some videos of "Nier Music Concert & Talk Live" which has the vocals and it's also amazing. Here's the playlist of "Nier Music Concert & Talk Live":

and here's a collection of live performances of the soundtrack:

Drankengard Series and Other Questions

I'm really curious about the connection between Drakengard and Nier story lines, things that happened in the year 6000, Accord and what's happening in the dark side of the earth. There are some details about this in this part of the 6 hour video: