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Clever Messages


As a non-native English speaker, I sometimes struggle to find the right words to write a message. I wanted to explore this problem space and see if I clarify the problem and come up with a solution.


  • Before ChatGPT was released, I was using GPT-3 in the OpenAI Playground to generate messages.
  • Message generation can be done from a web app that gathers context from the user and generates the message using an LLM.


  • A landing page was created for generating messages using GPT-3 and to collect feedback from users.


  • UI design is not my strong suit and I struggled to create a good landing page, and I ended up letting go of the idea of creating a "good" landing page and just focused on creating a landing page that works.
  • I couldn't find the right channels to promote the landing page and get feedback from users. Therefore I got very little feedback from promoting the landing page on these generic channels:
  • After a few days, I concluded that I can't find the target audience for this problem in the channels and I have to find better channels.